VITAFORCE is the Best Super Food Supplement

VIgreen super food powderTAFORCE gives you all the nutrients you need each day, in the way nature intended – from real  foods.
If you are taking other Green Super food supplements, you need to be taking a multivitamin in addition.  But please do not take our word for it, or anybody else’s for that matter.  We implore you to compare the nutritional content of VITAFORCE to every other Green Superfood Powder, and you will see the difference for yourself.

Be especially wary of any supplement that claims to provide you with all your daily vitamins and minerals, but then does not show you a nutritional fact panel spelling out exactly how much of each nutrient it contains.  As the customer, you are entitled to know specifically the amount of nutrients you are getting when you take a supplement.  We are proud to show the nutritional content of VITAFORCE – we worked very hard to put in just the right amount of each nutrient, and we want you to know what you are getting.

How does VITAFORCE contain so many more essential vitamins and minerals than other Green Superfood Powders?

Put simply, we use the highest quality and most expensive ingredients, and we do not add any cheap fillers.  We then carefully and precisely balance each ingredient to create the perfect whole food, plant-based multivitamin.

While other supplements may claim to use the highest quality ingredients, we prove it.  How do we prove it?  We show you the nutritional content per serving of VITAFORCE on our supplement fact panel — only the highest quality ingredients can provide the vitamins and minerals in each serving of VITAFORCE.  Lower quality ingredients do not have the same nutritional density.  Without a complete nutritional supplement fact panel, you really cannot know if the supplement you are taking is as high quality as the manufacturer claims.

VITAFORCE not only contains the highest quality ingredients, such as organic spirulina, organic wheat grass juice, organic cruciferous vegetables and organic berries among others, but it contains very high amounts of these incredibly nutritious foods.  Everything ingredient in VITAFORCE has a very specific purpose.

You also will not find ingredients that are potentially harmful in VITAFORCE, such as Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae.  While there are certainly some health benefits to that particular ingredient, too many studies have shown potential toxicity from high levels of microcystins, which have, from time to time, plagued Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae.  We use only ingredients that are known to be safe and tested free from potentially harmful toxins like microcystins.

Not only does VITAFORCE contain the best ingredients, it contains the best possible version of each ingredient

It is not enough to have the best kinds of ingredients, but each individual ingredient also has to be the best of its kind.  VITAFORCE contains the highest quality version of each whole natural plant-based ingredient.

In other words, of the hundreds of producers of spirulina, chlorella, kale and other ingredients in VITAFORCE, we went through an exhaustive process to carefully choose the purest, most nutritionally dense and antioxidant-rich version of each.

By way of example, we analyzed every variety of spirulina grown throughout the world, we analyzed the growing conditions, the nutritional analyses, the heavy metal testing, bacterial testing, quality testing, antioxidant levels, harvesting conditions, sustainability, scientific documentation, microcystin levels, carotenoid levels, super oxide dismutase levels, among many other factors.  After reviewing each version of spirulina grown throughout the world, only one was head and shoulders above the rest – and even though it is far more expensive than other spirulina’s, that is the only one that we chose to put in VITAFORCE.

We went through this exhaustive process for each individual ingredient in VITAFORCE.  And the proof is in our nutritional label – no other Green Superfood powder comes close to VITAFORCE in this regard.

There are many ingredients on labels of other superfoods that may look like healthy, expensive ingredients – such as organic spirulina, organic chlorella, organic vegetable powders etc.  But what you may not know, is often these powders are inexpensive versions that come out of China and other places where the quality of the powder is low.  And do you know why they use these ingredients?  Because they are cheap, and until now, nobody would ever know the difference simply by looking at the ingredients on their labels.

But now, you know to look at the nutritional fact panel – because that is where the difference shows up.

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