VITAFORCE : Great Multivitamin for Kids


We made VITAFORCE for our family — both for adults and kids.

As parents, we try and make sure our children are healthy and vibrant. Giving our children a multivitamin daily helps to ensure that they do not develop any nutritional deficiencies that could leave them in less than optimal health. Yet, most children’s multivitamins often do more harm than good.

Children’s multivitamins are often filled with sugar, food coloring, chemicals, and unhealthy forms and quantities of essential vitamins and minerals. Why take risks with your children’s health?

VITAFORCE is the ideal multivitamin for kids. It provides them with the necessary foundational nutrients, including their vitamins and minerals for the day, safely from whole foods, but that is just the tip of the iceberg of the health benefits it provides our children. VITAFORCE also gives them a huge array of fruits and vegetables, antioxidants, probiotics and many other extremely important plant compounds that are essential for good health.

It is always tricky to get our children to eat enough vegetables and fruit.  With each serving of VITAFORCE, your child is getting organic kale, organic collard greens, organic spinach, organic parsley, organic beet juice, organic carrot, organic tomato, organic spirulina, organic wheatgrass juice, as well as an amazing variety of superfruits such as organic sour cherry, organic pomegranate juice, organic acai, organic black blueberry, organic red raspberry among many, many others.

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “Will my kids drink it?”  Well, we can tell you after having thousands of children customers, the answer is definitely YES. VITAFORCE tastes delicious in water.   They gulp it down and ask for more.

With VITAFORCE, you can rest assured your kids are getting their daily nutrients which are non-toxic and safe, as well as a healthy serving of fruits, vegetables, probiotics and super greens.

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