VITAFORCE was created for our Family

FamilyWe created VITAFORCE for our family…

We are Josh and Scott Malin, two brothers who spent over 4 years working diligently to create VITAFORCE. VITAFORCE was created to be an entirely new class of nutritional supplement, so that we could provide the best possible nutrition for our own family.

We embarked on a four-year journey to create VITAFORCE. Spending four years to do research and make a product is a really BAD idea from a business standpoint, but creating something truly extraordinary takes patience as well as a great deal of passion and dedication.

If we had decided to make a nutritional supplement for the sake of making money, we could have cut a lot of corners to bring this product to market quickly.

But, in creating VITAFORCE, we had the health of our own family prominently in mind at all stages. Our parents are both diabetic (our father is type 1 diabetic and our mother is type 2), we have an older brother with Autism, and we are each now married with families of our own.

During each stage of creating VITAFORCE, we kept on question in mind — How can we give our family the best nutrition necessary to help them, the people we most love in the world, to live long, healthy, vibrant lives?

Most multivitamins cause more harm than good. They either provide too little or too much of various essential nutrients which often make people less healthy than if they had not taken anything at all.

To prevent this, we desperately wanted to make a brand new kind of comprehensive, nutritional supplement, using only the best ingredients on earth.

\When the only goal is to make money, it is necessary to cut corners to keep costs down. The main way to do this is to use a lot of cheap, filler ingredients and add in relatively small amounts of the truly healthy, more expensive ingredients. And, many companies are not forthcoming about providing support for claims that they make, or providing much concrete information about their products in general.

In stark contrast, at Dynamics of Nature we work very hard to help you understand why VITAFORCE is truly such a unique product. We have tried to share a lot of information on this website to help explain the differences between VITAFORCE and everything else out there. But to the extent you have more questions for us, please do not hesitate to call or write in and we will be happy to respond.

We had only one goal in mind – make VITAFORCE the perfect product for our family. That means we used the most expensive ingredients as the BASE for the supplement and we never added in cheap fillers. It means we spent way more time than a profit motivated company should spend to find just the right source for each ingredient. And it means we made sure all the proportions of vitamins and minerals are appropriate and health-promoting from a nutritional standpoint, so that it is safe and works for everyone.

Well, after many years of research and hard work, we are thrilled to share our labor of love with you and your family. VITAFORCE redefines nutrition and dramatically changes what you should expect from a nutritional supplement. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Warmest Regards,

Josh and Scott Malin

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