VITAFORCE is the Best Bone Builder

Bone BuilderIdeally, when you are taking a bone building supplement, it needs to have a very balanced ratio of the most important bone building nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D.  There are numerous other vitamins and minerals that are of importance as well, including but not limited to, Vitamin K, phosphorous and potassium.

Unfortunately, there are many problems with bone builder formulas that can have a very serious impact on your health.

You will find a discussion of each potential problem below.


There are a few significant health hazards with supplementing calcium.  Many nutritional supplements use cheap forms of calcium that are poorly absorbed, and can be laced with pollutants and heavy metals.  Things like oyster shell calcium (calcium carbonate) can often be high in heavy metal contaminants such as lead. [1]  Indeed, in  a study done to determine the lead levels in major calcium supplements (made from dolomite, bonemeal, refined and natural source calcium carbonate, and calcium chelates), about 25% of the products exceeded the US Food and Drug Administration’s “provisional” total tolerable daily intake for lead for children aged 6 years and under.[2]

Even higher quality forms of calcium in chelated form are still not as well absorbed as calcium that comes from food.  Our calcium comes from red sea algae, organic superfoods and green leafy vegetables, which all provides extremely bioavailable calcium.

Another issue with calcium in supplements is that taking in too much blocks absorption of Vitamin D.  Because there is such a widespread deficiency of Vitamin D in our society, taking in too much calcium in comparison to Vitamin D can potentially create disastrous health consequences.  In studies, deficiencies of Vitamin D can be associated with things like dying younger, increased risk of various cancers, increased risk of diabetes and other very serious conditions.  Accordingly, getting the balance of calcium to Vitamin D correct is exceedingly important, otherwise you risk creating a significant deficiency in Vitamin D.

Overall, taking in large amounts of calcium is not advisable, and does not likely further prevent hip fracture risk.[3]  Indeed, too high of calcium intake has been linked in certain studies to increased cardiovascular risk[4] and kidney stones.[5]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, as discussed briefly above, is an extremely important nutrient in a bone building formula – probably the most important nutrient.  This is because we are so deficient in this nutrient as a society – some have even called the deficiency in Vitamin D an epidemic[6].

Because most people are so deficient in Vitamin D, consuming sufficient levels of Vitamin D to bring up blood levels to what is considered optimum has been indicated in studies to have nearly miraculous benefits to your health.  Increasing blood levels of Vitamin D has been indicated in studies to do each of the following:

  • Decrease risk of various cancers[7]
  • Increase lifespan[8]
  • Decrease cardiovascular risks[9]
  • Increase immune system function[10]
  • Decrease musculoskeletal pain[11]
  • Increase bone density and reduce risk of fractures[12]
  • Decreased risk of type 1 and type 2 diabetes[13]

Because of how important Vitamin D is, it is of the utmost importance to make sure the ratio of calcium to Vitamin D is balanced, otherwise you risk greater and greater levels of deficiencies.  And, unfortunately, most bone formulas get this ratio absolutely wrong.

An important caveat is that while getting sufficient Vitamin D may offer numerous significant health benefits, taking in too much Vitamin D likely does far more harm than good as well.  A recent report out of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine looked at deaths from all causes and cardiovascular disease specifically.[14]  It showed that those with blood levels at the top range of what the Institute of Medicine considers “adequate” and at the low end of “normal” – cut their risk of death in half.  But above this level, the data suggest that the protective effect appears to wear off.  Not only that, but studies also indicate that while insufficient Vitamin D can increase all-cause mortality, too much Vitamin D also increases all-cause mortality.[15]

Just the right amount of Vitamin D is ideal.  VITAFORCE contains an amount that can increase blood levels of Vitamin D, but not so much that you risk excessive Vitamin D levels.

Other Factors

Nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin K, magnesium and phosphorous are all important for bone health.  There are lots of other factors that are important for bone health, and many of those factors are found naturally in food.[16]   VITAFORCE is naturally rich in all these known nutrients for bone health, but are also rich in loads of other phytonutrients that may in the future prove themselves to be important for bone health as well.

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