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VITAFORCE VITAFORCE® is named one of the top 100 Green products of 2012!

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The Dynamics of Nature team was at The Peninsula Beverly Hills this week serving up delicious and nutritious VITAFORCE smoothies for some of the biggest names in music, TV, film and sports…

Celebrities and VITAFORCE

Brooke Burke
This past year, many have asked about my diet. Well, I HATE that word! I do NOT diet; I simply eat smart and healthy, and trust me I do eat. Here is a peak into my fitness chapter from my book The Naked Mom…

Design a meal plan that works for you, get organized, plan, commit, and just DO IT!

I eat 5 times a day.Protein shake in the am (recipe):

Coconut water or low fat almond milk
scoop whey protein powder *** OR Bill Phillips light nutrition shake
cup frozen mixed berries
Scoop Vitamin C Plus powder
Scoop of Vitaforce vitamin & mineral powder

Top celebrity and professional athlete fitness trainer, Jason Walsh, uses VITAFORCE as a secret weapon to help keep his clients healthy, fit and full of energy.okay-magazine409
Jason Walsh“My clients come to me expecting the very best in training and nutritional advice. I pride myself on providing that level of service. When asked about multivitamin supplementation in the past, I have simply said “no” across the board because of unhealthy megadoses and synthetic properties. VITAFORCE is the best multivitamin source because it is derived from certified organic whole foods. The amount of each nutrient is in the proper dose to promote longevity and health. Not only does VITAFORCE provide all the vitamins and nutrients one needs, but it also contains 2 billion probiotics to promote gut health which is essential for proper absorption of nutrients in the digestive tract. VITAFORCE is my #1 recommended supplement to all my clients.”
– Jason Walsh, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, trainer to the stars. Clients include Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Beckinsale and Jason Taylor.

goodbiteVitaforce is made from real food. Think tons of super foods like organic spirulina, collard greens, parsley, spinach, kelp; red algae; yeast; probiotics; and super fruit berries like acerola cherry, acai, and wild billberry just to name a few. I’ve never been a huge shake or supplement fan just because I never feel like any of them actually have any effect on me. Not to sound like a cheesy tv ad, but Vitaforce actually did make me feel as though I had extra energy…  >> Read the Review

aolHealthy Stocking Stuffers & Secret Santa Gifts!For the Fast Food Obsessed: Dynamics of Nature VITAFORCE Supplements. As I have a close friend for whom every meal is “Fast Food or NO Food,” I worry about whether or not he’s getting all of the vitamins and minerals he needs to stay healthy and strong. If you’re in a similar boat, stuff their stocking with Dynamics of Nature VITAFORCE Supplements ($40), which is a really solid multivitamin that provides nutrients from real food as opposed to synthetic or isolated nutrients. >> Read the Review

radaronline_logoVITAFORCE:  A healthy choice for your body and wallet

Keen to stay proactive about your health, especially in this day and age of swine flu? Let us introduce you to VITAFORCE, a food powder that tastes delicious in water, juice or a smoothie, and will replace every multi-vitamin and multi-mineral pill in your medicine chest.  Users of VITAFORCE were elated over the relief to one’s body — and pocketbook — the powerful green powder brings.  >> Read the Review

fn-headerjanice-dickinsonScene and Herd:
Pop Tarts’ Celebrity Sightings

LOS ANGELES: The stars are everywhere! Janice Dickinson looking radiant and stylish while picking up a bottle of VITAFORCE at The Vitamin Barn in Malibu on Tuesday afternoon.

Naturally Savvy

naturally-savvy-approved“VITAFORCE’s all-in-one supplement sure makes taking your vitamins and minerals easy, earning this versatile, whole food supplement the Naturally Savvy Seal of Approval.

One thing that amazed me about this supplement is that all the vitamins and minerals come from 24 organic and wild-crafted food sources like spirulina, chlorella, wheat grass, kale, broccoli, red algae, and goji berries, using only food sources to provide all the required daily nutrients for us to thrive. What I liked best about VITAFORCE was how easy it was to take.  I could add the powder to a smoothie and only had to think about my supplements once a day.”  >> Read the Review

darren-clair “VITAFORCE is simply the best all natural nutritional supplement on the market. I take it daily in my morning smoothies and I recommend it to every one of my patients. I love that it comes from real food because I believe that nature provides precisely the right amount of each and every essential nutrient in a readily absorbable form. There is no more important supplement for health, longevity and natural energy than VITAFORCE.  VITAFORCE also seems to have the ability to reduce unhealthy food cravings which makes it an important supplement for those trying to lose weight.”-Darren F. X. Clair, MD, Beverly Hills, CA, founder and medical director of Vibrance Medical Group where he counts among his patients many of Hollywood’s biggest stars
lastheplace Part of the Beach Body Challenge, used by some of the biggest names in music, TV, film and sports.
“If you want to lose weight and get healthy, you need more than just a good exercise program… you also need a healthy and balanced diet. That’s why the Beach Body challenge consists of starting your day with VITAFORCE, the only whole food powder that provides all of your daily vitamins and minerals as nature intended – from real food. You will never have to take a synthetic multivitamin again. With each serving of VITAFORCE, you are also getting a rich source of antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes along with 2 billion probiotic cells per serving.”

beanstalk BeansTalk offers a big giveaway to help YOU get SMALLER for Summer!
“VITAFORCE renders a vitamin capsule or packet obsolete, since it offers the complete daily requirement. VITAFORCE can be mixed with water, juice or into a shake/ smoothie and increases energy and decreases hunger. It is also available in tablet form.”

green-fitness-world Start Your Day Off Right With VITAFORCE! You will never have to take a synthetic multivitamin again!
“Summer is right around the corner and as temperatures rise, you are going to want to strut your stuff at the beach. Now is the time to start kicking your butt into shape to get an amazing beach body just in time for Summer. If you follow the tips below, you will look AND feel better!”
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